Saint Paul Church of Sacramento is a welcoming place for children. However, due to the pandemic, we are asking for parents to allow their children to join us for Sunday School, and watch the Kids Corner during the Sunday morning service. Also, the church has partnered with Right Now Media to give access to countless children’s Christian videos. If you did not receive your e-mail in regards to RightNow Media please contact Sis. Felicia Johnson at


Children's Junior Sunday School

The Children's Sunday School is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. prior to Sunday Service. If you would like to join a class, please click the button below. 

Register for Children's Sunday School

Academic Enrichment Center

Program Description: The Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) was originally called the St. Paul Oak Park Community Outreach. The Ministry provides small group and one-on-one tutoring to students (kindergarten through 12th grade). Students are provided with individualized academic support in all subject areas.

Ministry Benefits: Students who participate in AEC are able to better understand and accomplish their learning goals. In addition, students acquire the skills needed to become better test takers.

How to Join (participant): If a student is in need of academic support, come to the Dr. Ephraim Williams Family Life Center on Tuesdays for assistance. How to Join (volunteer): If you are interested in assisting us with tutoring students, please contact the church office at 916-737-7070 or e-mail the ministry Chairperson. Please note that all applicants must submit to a background check.

Meeting Time & Location: Postponed due to COVID.

Contact(s): Toni Coleman (Chairperson), Doris Griffin (Co-Chairperson)  

A.L.E.R.T. Program (Girls ages 5-12)

Program Description: Awareness, Leadership, Education, Respect, & Teamwork (A.L.E.R.T.)

Ministry Benefits: The A.L.E.R.T. program is a ministry dedicated to teaching young girls (ages 5 to 12). A.L.E.R.T. disciples young girls in the essential life skills needed to live a fulfilling life. Girls are taught how to live their lives as Godly young ladies based on practical examples from the Bible.

How to Join (participant): Girls (ages 5-12) interested in joining A.L.E.R.T. 

How to Join (volunteer): If you are interested in working with our girls, please contact the ministry via email at We are looking for women who have a Godly passion for mentoring children. Please note that all applicants must submit to a background check.

Meeting Time & Location: This ministry meets in person on Wednesday evenings.

Contact: Annette Herring (Chairperson) at

Manhood Development (Boys Ages 5 To 12)

Program Description: The Manhood Development program was created to help boys develop into men through Bible study and life skills principles that are based on Biblical principles. The boys are mentored by Godly men. Additionally, the boys participate in community service projects to teach them civic responsibility.

Ministry Benefits: Boys will learn life skills lessons such as proper attire, appropriate hygiene, good manners, and managing finances. Participants will learn about their unique purpose in God’s plan.

How to Join (participant): Email for more information or contact the church office.

How to Join (volunteer): If you are a man in good standing at Saint Paul, love to disciple young men, and are seasoned in the word of God, please contact the ministry chairperson via email at All Manhood Development workers must submit to background checks.

Meeting Time & Location: This ministry meets in person on Wednesday evenings.

Contact: Ian Brown at


Children’s Church

Program Description: St. Paul’s Children Church is designed to enrich the lives of the children and parents who participate. Children (grades K-6th) will experience spiritual growth through praise, worship and interactive services. Children who participate learn Bible verses, participate in skits, sing, pray, and engage in Christian education studies. Children’s Church occurs at the same time as adult worship service (10:00 am-12:00 noon). Children are also provided with healthy snacks. 

Ministry Benefits: Children and parents who participate in Children’s Church experience spiritual growth and enlightenment. Children are exposed to Bible-based activities and parents are provided with newsletters to educate them about healthy parenting and current events for all Children’s ministries. 

How to Join (participant): Postponed due to COVID.

How to Join (volunteer): Children’s Church is always looking for passionate, spiritual, spirit-filled workers. Those who desire to work with our children must be patient, committed, punctual, trustworthy, flexible, and able to engage children. If you are interested in signing up to work in Children’s Church, please contact the church office at 916-737-7070 or the ministry chairperson. Please note that all potential workers must submit to a background check. 

Meeting Time & Location: Postponed due to COVID.

Contact(s): Patsy Rogers

Little Workers Guild Choir

Program Description: The Little Workers Guild is the children’s choir (grades pre-K-6). The purpose of this choir is to share the good news of Jesus Christ through music. They sing on every 4th Sundays as well as for special church events. 

Ministry Benefits: Participants will learn more about the word of God, vocal training, time management, public speaking, and music composition. Children gain boldness and confidence in speaking and singing in front of people. In addition, participants are able to fellowship with other Godly children. Children also learn correct singing posture, scales, principles based on the Scriptures, and how to share their faith with others. 

How to Join (participant): Postponed due to COVID.

How to Join (volunteer): The Little Workers Guild is in need of workers who love the Lord and His children. Workers must be patient, gentle, and appreciate the significance of gospel music. Participants who volunteer must be in good standing with the church and are active in Bible study. We require all potential workers to submit to a background check. 

Meeting Time & Location: Postponed due to COVID.

Contact(s): Felicia Bessent & Sonja Kennedy

Vacation Bible School

Program Description: The purpose of the Vacation Bible School is to provide a fun, spiritual, and educational program for children during the summer time. Vacation Bible School is a 4-day event that introduces and reaffirms the tenets of the Bible through singing, recitation, classroom teaching, skits, and a variety of other methods. Vacation Bible School is open to children of all ages. Teens (ages 13 to 17) have a separate program at the Family Life Center during the week of Vacation Bible School. 

Ministry Benefits: Children can expect to learn about the gospel and salvation in a fun and educational format. Workers can expect to feel a sense of humility and joy from seeing children grow and learn from the word of God. 

How to Join (participant): If you wish to have your child participate in the next Vacation Bible School stay tuned for announcements to be added to the website in June.

How to Join (volunteer): Vacation Bible School workers must have passion to teach and demonstrate the love of Jesus. If you have that desire, we invite you to contact the ministry chairperson or the church office at 916-737-7070. 

Meeting Time & Location: TBA