At Saint Paul Church of Sacramento, we have youth programs that will bring our youth closer to god. Take a look at our programs below to find out how to take your next steps!

Youth Choir

Program Description: The goal of the Youth Choir is to spread the message of the gospel through singing for youth (grades 7-12). St. Paul’s youth are invited to share their gift of singing by participating in this choir. Participants are trained on singing, music composition, and singing along with others as one voice. The Youth Choir sings every last Sunday of the month.

Ministry Benefits: Participating youth gain confidence in their voice, are able to meet other teens who are serving the Lord, and gain boldness in their faith. In addition, the Youth Choir fosters spiritual growth and appreciation for God’s word through classical and contemporary gospel music.

How to Join (participant): If you are interested in joining please contact the ministry chairperson. Youth can also attend choir rehearsals to join.

How to Join (volunteer): The Youth Choir is looking for workers who love the youth, are able to commit to rehearsal dates, interested in grooming Godly teens, and appreciate different styles of gospel music.

Meeting Time & Location: Contact the Minister of Worship & Arts for information

Contact(s): Brandon Hairston, Minister of Worship & Arts –

Teen Ambassadors For Christ

Program Description: Teen Ambassadors for Christ (TAFC) is the ministry for our teens (ages 13-17). TAFC create opportunities for Christian youth to learn more about the Bible through classroom sessions and fellowships.

Ministry Benefits: Youth that participate in TAFC get a chance to meet other youth striving to live for the Lord. In addition, teaching and learning about Christ, the church, and the Bible are the basis of all ministry activities.

How to Join (participate): All youth are welcome to participate in TAFC activities. If a youth desire to participate in a TAFC activity you are welcome to attend.

How to Join (volunteer): If you would like to be a youth volunteer please contact the Staff Minister. Please note that all potential youth volunteers must be interviewed by the Staff Minister and submit to a background check.

Meeting Time & Location: TAFC have Bible studies on Wednesday nights, Sunday School on Sunday mornings, and several activities on the calendar. Please contact the ministry chairpersons for any inquiries concerning dates and times.

Contact(s): Stanley Rucker, Youth Sunday School – - Gianna & Gary Lewis, Youth Bible Study -

Community Service

It is important for youth to become good neighbors. Jesus talks about the story of the good Samaritan.  St. Paul’s youth are reminded to always be ready to help others.  In the past our youth have collected clothing and food to donate to the local women shelter.  In addition, youth worked tirelessly at the Ronald McDonald house by helping them spruce up their living quarters.  Our youth believe in service toward others.

Field Trips

St. Paul has an active youth department. Our youth learn principles from the Bible while also having fun in the Lord. Some of the youth activities in the past include: Great America, Six Flags, Laser Tags, Speed 1 racing, ice skating and many more other exciting activities. If you have questions regarding St. Paul’s youth department please contact the chairpersons.

Chairperson: Gary Lewis

Co-Chairperson: Gianna Lewis